Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Goodnight, Cruel World

The blog is stripped bare. The workers gone home and the circus hit the fucking road.

You may never know what happened in these walls, ‘fore all that remains, is the shell of a man I once inhabited.

A stick/stone, man.
With the past
year and a half
vanished into ash

Pastures can always elaborate, when asked to verbalize in sweet harmony,
in a lean slip.

We’ll be around, but only the ghosts will know.

Goodnight, & Probable Peace.
That one’s for free.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Top Films: #80-71


Seems to me, Robin Hood is better when he’s a fox. Kind of ups the cool factor, and makes it stylish. Plus Maid Marian has a Julie Andrews vibe in this one, and that’s always good. In fact, all of the characters look really cool... The film is filled with action, comedy and despair... What more could you want?


This was probably the third Godard film I had seen. While it is impressive, it more goes to show that even his most basic films, have some odd aspects going for them that make them into a slightly better film that it would be in someone elses hands. The way the characters interact, the way it is essentially about nothing (while including a story) the way it plays with the laws of reality in some aspects. A good effort to be sure, and just plain fun.


This is one stylish film. Everything is pristine. Burt Lancaster is amazing, and this is the best film I have seen of his, to date (not like I’ve seen many...) It becomes more and more clear to me that a lot of these older films were willing to be rather intense (while I used to think they were all rather light), and sure enough for the most part, the better ones are.


It’s easy to get caught up in this one, and see it as a simply depressing look at... everything... But the truth is, it’s a bit more than that. It toys with a few ideas, and mainly follows them to the utmost worst extent they can go, but I respect that. While Charlie Kaufman normally misses the mark, for me, this one I could at least get something from it. His films are normally greasy, and this is no exception, but this does have something to offer that, seems more productive than the rest.


Really just a strange little movie, and absolutely hilarious at times. Quite different from the rest of Scorsese’ mix, but it really is cool. Surreal in an ordinary sense... Which is to say, it is very odd, but there is nothing unnatural about it. Really dig this one, and I’ll have to watch it again, soon. 


Quick paced and fun. And a complete disregard for anything that matters. I think that sums it up. It’s a good effort by Godard (as everything is) but it just doesn’t match up with some of his later films, I feel. Still has some beautiful poetic moments, and it keeps it all rather simple. Neat characters and story that doesn’t really matter. All good.


Pierce Brosnan deserves to be in more movies like this (ie: Good ones). It would’ve been cool if he was Bond a bit longer, but this film really is just an extension of that... kind of an older washed up James Bond. This film has cool vibes through-out, and is a lot of fun. 


Awkward and hilarious. I don’t find it particularly unsettling, but I do see how it can be viewed that way. DeNiro is nuts, and entertaining, and delivers one of his best performances. Jerry Lewis is quite good as well.



Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews on a strange and animated adventure. Sounds pretty awesome.


Phillip Baker Hall and John C. Reilly hang out. It has some of those wonderfully ‘composed’ moments, where the music carries whatever is happening in a prolonged trance, that I am very fond of. Based slightly on PTAs short: Cigarettes & Coffee (which is quite awesome, in itself) Love how it starts, and love how it ends.